Sunday, September 9, 2007

Heart of Fonzness

Hanging with Henry Winkler at the 1976 Auto, Boat & Speed Show. Waiting in line was like steaming down Conrad's river. The horror, the horror, the "Heeeeeeyyy...!"


Team said...

W. S. [Seasons of the Stew] In 1976, I would have been about 2 years old. (You’re obviously much older in this picture –Good God! That would make you a whapping 43 now! Sorry buddy, couldn’t resist a quip about your age.). (Apart from the fact that the Auto-Boat Speed Show, as it came to be called is in summer…) Anyway -Imagine me as a toddler in a little red snow suit from head to toe. Yeah, I guess the Fonz would be much cooler to hang with. But mom and I would be on the sled with groceries. There was this cool bridge that went over a frozen pond –or that's the way I remember it; I was only 2.

Your friend, fan, and fellow time-traveler,

Eric Gollinger

_____________ said...

Friends, fans and fellow time-travelers, indeed. :)