Friday, November 16, 2007

Boys Will Be Boys or: The Quick and the Crude. I take my shot at a "re-booted" U.S.S. Enterprise from TOS.

Saw the re-mastered Star Trek: The Menagerie tonight and was blown away by the the quality of the restoration/effects as well as story, which holds up just fine, thanks--powerful and moving as ever. The original Enterprise looked magnificent. Abrams and company would do well to not change her much. Alas, it appears they will be re-designing this great icon. So here's my own shoddy attempt at a "re-imaging," which proceeds from the expectation that they will be re-booting the entire time-line (as opposed to shoe-horning a never-before-seen re-fit into established canon). Not sure how crazy I am about touching the ship at all nor am I particularly enamored of my own take (if I can call it that; I've cobbled it together from things I found on the Internet). For real quality work you need head on over to Trek Movie report and check out images provided by Dennis Bailey and Gabe Koerner. Can't wait till '08. (NOTE: FOR MY PART, THIS IS A PUBLIC DOMAIN IMAGE AND I CLAIM NO OWNERSHIP OF IT. AS I SAID, IT WAS TEASED OUT OF EXISTING IMAGES USING MY LIMITED SKILLS IN PHOTOSHOP. NOR AM I SUGGESTING THIS IS HOW THE NEW SHIP OUGHT TO LOOK. IT'S JUST THAT, WELL, BOYS WILL BE BOYS AND I HAD TO HAVE A GO....

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