Saturday, May 10, 2008

J.J. Abram's (Not Gabe Koerner's) Enterprise Unveiled!

CLICK IMAGE FOR LARGER VIEW Okay, so I'm a lying bastard. Actually it's an extrapolation on what little we've seen in the official teaser by one Jude Xavier. But I'm in agreement that what we see in the movie come Summer 2009 ought not look too different from this, which is absolutely beautiful. We already know the warp nacelles will be a bit large (she's what my buddy Tim used to call a "Big-gunner Babe," er, back in the day). But this is essentially what I was envisioning when I created my poor, tortured Photoshop Frankenstein below. She still needs a little smoothing out, and something done with that deflector dish--something similar to the Big E from ST:TMP, but lit gold--but man, this one's good. Retro but new--isn't that the whole point? Let's go for a ride!

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