Sunday, June 1, 2008

Cancel That Orion Slave Girl


Rick Owen said...

I love that blue skin color.

Fred McLeod said...


Have enjoyed your blog since finding it! Hope you have the time to keep it going. I have linked to you on my newest blog,

On this blog and my others, particularly Monster Memories, I work in a lot of personal recollections that surround the items blogged about. So I can relate to your memories as well!

Please keep it up. Great job.


sexy said...


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_____________ said...

Rick: Yeah - isn't that great?

Fred: Thank you, and nice work yourself!

Sexy: I can't read Japanese....:(

Kelly said...

I would LOVE to know how you managed such a SUPERB job on your Andorian make up!!! You look like you could have been on any episode!!!
I'm going to the Star trek Convention in Las Vegas a few weeks from now...
You wouldn't care to share your secret on how you achieved this look, now would you?
Kelly ;-)